This was supposed to be THE year. I’m not gonna lie, I got a lot lazy with my blogging in 2019. Blogging is hard for me. It’s hard for me to remember to take pictures at weddings or videos. I often wonder how some of the other DJs do it. I get so caught up in the night that, like the guests, I just don’t pull my phone out. Then I kick myself on the way home for not having what I need to share about such an awesome night. So I made a decision, in 2020 I was gonna be on it. I was gonna document and share everything I could about my awesome events.

Then Covid happened. And it sucked and its still sucking to this day. I have had to watch so many couples move their events to next year. Hard works and dreams just put on hold to a date they could find that works for them. And I hate it!

My hope is that this goes away in 2021. That we can move back to some normalcy. That people can plan to marry the person they love on the date they want and invite as many people as they want without worry of someone getting sick.

And when we get there…I will be right here, writing about them all!